Tempos de bairro (2014)

makingof1 This is an article about my recent documentary film that I produced as my master’s project. This is a film about my childhood spent on the streets and corners of my neighborhood, Arcanjo Lar, located in the city of Ponta Delgada, Azores. I’m moving in time and finding how days were spent outside and what we used to do in those days. To do so, I talked with some neighbors who used to play outside with me and whose we can found in the pages of my diary which I started writing at 8 years old. The aim of this documentary film is to show a custom that is no more present in nowadays, not only on my neighborhood but all around the world. The meaning of play in childhood has changed, the children spend more time within walls after school and they don’t have the freedom to play outside as we did due mostly to safety reasons. Unfortunately I have no photographs that would illustrate those memories of playing in the street, so I had to resort to other strategies to represent that period of time in my film. FILM:

 Essay available on: http://issuu.com/sarazad/docs/ensaio_final_semanexos?e=15135060/10922079


  • Festival Film Dokumenter – Non-competition Program: Spektrum (Yogyakarta, 2015)
  • LABJOVEM (Azores, 2016) http://edicao5.labjovem.pt/

Below there are some references or other informations that somehow are related to my project. A diary of some research was helpful and stimulating.

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